Artist's Statement

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 Desert place 

My paintings, drawings and prints are principally concerned with natural forms and the environment and more particularly my surroundings in relation to myself, wherever I am.  I endeavour to absorb the mood of a situation and reflect this within my work through a process of distillation.  A major element in my work is my use of colour. 

However a few years ago I studied for an MA in Art and Media Practice at Westminster University.  The course offered me the opportunity to investigate other areas of the visual arts, and, seeking to diversify my work,  I became involved in researching 'the box' and its meaning to me. This research has thus led me into parallel fields to my work as a painter.  Recently, the box and its symbolism has been preoccupying my work, and I have been involved in a number of exhibitions and projects where I have used the low tech idiom of a cardboard box often in conjunction with printmaking.  I have found that researching the thesis behind the projects has been absorbing and fascinating as it involves a completely different conceptual thought process to that of myself as a painter. 


I have recently moved to another studio and this in turn has initiated new thoughts in relation to my changed environment and as I am always affected by my surroundings I am now embarking on a new series of paintings.